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"I have nothing but praise for the lovely Shivani who in just a few sessions took me from my exhausted, frenetic frame of mind to a peaceful state.  There I was able to let go and become immersed, allowing her effective healing to take over. 
Where she is outstanding is in her ability to gently reach the depths. At no time do you feel rushed/pressured or in a queue of clients. Her focus is total and her compassion endless.  What a gifted healer.  Highly recommend."

Sonia, Streatham

"Shivani is a strong, talented and intuitive therapist who's method of massage works on the physical as well as emotional and energetic body. Sensitive to your needs and how they might change throughout the session Shivani will give you the treatment that you want as well as what you need but might not have known that you needed!"

Talitha, Sussex

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London and abroad

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